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Strategic Plan

In partnership with the State Government, the DTC has supported and developed the State’s defence industry, which now services a 25% share of the nation’s defence industry demand and provides 32% of its workforce. This momentum has served to generate employment for 26,882 people and contribute $1.8bn to the State’s economy in Financial Year (FY) 2010/11.

The SA Strategic Plan (SASP) target for the State’s Defence and defence industry sector out to 2020 is 37,000 employees and $2.5bnper annum; an ambitious goal representing average annual growth of in excess of1,200 workers and $88m per annum. The DTC will be critical to the achievement of that target.

As South Australia's defence industry association, the DTC also represents the interests of the Australian Industry and Defence Network (AIDN) in SA.

1. Member Services
The DTC will provide enabling services that support members and ensure the recruitment and retention of a large and diverse membership base.

2. Representation and Advocacy
The DTC will represent members' capabilities and advocate on their behalf to identify and maximise opportunities in national and global defence and related markets.

3. Capability Development
The DTC will assist its members to develop, sustain and grow their enterprise capabilities in order to enhance their competitiveness in national and global defence and related markets.

4. Skills Development
The DTC will support the development and maintenance of a skilled workforce in order to ensure that there is capacity to service the demands and any future growth in national and global defence and related markets.