The Defence Teaming Centre

The Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) is a nationally-focused member organisation enabling and supporting Australian industry to develop capability and increase overall competitiveness in domestic and global defence markets.

DTC has a membership of over 250 businesses including Prime Defence Contractors, Small-to-Medium Enterprises, Professional Service Providers and Academic Institutions that are involved in supplying and supporting Defence capability.

DTC believes that Australia needs an innovative and sustainable defence industry – aligned to Australia’s strategic requirements and able to contribute to national economic activity.

The defence industry supply chain is diverse and DTC member companies cover the full range of products and services to support Defence Forces globally.  The capability provided spans high end systems engineering and integration; advanced manufacturing and precision components; design engineering and development; electronics engineering; development of new technology and products; fabrication and traditional manufacturing through to through-life support and facilities construction and providing base services and support for ADF personnel. Member capabilities also include, but not limited to, a range of supporting professional services including specialist IP lawyers, specialist immigration lawyers, IT service providers and support services.

DTC provides services to facilitate market entry and ongoing business with Defence.  Services are tailored to meet the needs of companies, of all sizes and across all tiers of the supply chain, engaged in activities in all domains within the sector – Air, Land, Sea, Space and Cyber.

The Defence Teaming Centre enables business through:

Connections, knowledge and expertise
. Industry benefits from access to education, networking, products and services necessary to develop business opportunities and grow effectively within the defence and broader national security markets, both domestically and abroad.

Marketing and Communications. The DTC provides a platform from which industry can market and promote their capabilities. The DTC quarterly Defence Business publication and DTC website provide a marketing and branding mechanism within the defence and related markets and have global reach. The DTC provides significant support to industry participating in tradeshows and business missions nationally and internationally. This support covers marketing, administration and business development activities.

Industry Development. The DTC provides support to Primes and tier 1 and 2 suppliers to identify and connect with the supply chain and industry partners in Australia. In doing so, the DTC has developed a thorough understanding of the readiness and competiveness levels of Australian Industry. This knowledge allows the DTC to facilitate focussed support through workshops and activities designed to ensure that Australian industry is in the best position to win and compete for contracts in upcoming programs globally.  

Exporting and the Global Supply Chain Program. The DTC provides assistance and support for industry to access new markets through marketing and export development opportunities. Activities include research of overseas markets and opportunities, development of marketing material for distribution overseas, participation in international tradeshows and business missions and access to cultural and export training services. The DTC also provides support to incoming buyers and non-Australian suppliers seeking partnerships and joint ventures with Australian businesses. Through our strong relationships with the Defence Primes, the DTC can facilitate access to global supply chains.

Workforce and Skills. The rapid growth in the Defence sector over the coming decade will require Australia’s defence industry to accelerate the expansion and potential of its workforce.   The DTC will support industry by ensuring workforce issues across the full spectrum of the defence industry are represented accurately to enable a coordinated and systematic response.

Defence policy and advocacy. On behalf of industry, the DTC seeks to influence Federal and state governments, shape industry policy and engage with industry stakeholders to promote the expansion of Australian sovereign defence capability.

Alliancing. The DTC has extensive experience in teaming and alliancing activities and the culture necessary to ensure their success. Australia’s defence industry is made up of some 3000 SMEs, but analysis suggests that the majority are Small Businesses. We must work to grow the numbers of Medium sized businesses in our industry. Engagement with Prime Defence Contractors has identified industry alliances as an attractive proposition as they allow Small Businesses to team and operate as Medium sized businesses, reducing risk and the burden to a Prime of dealing with multiple subcontractors.