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Women influencing Defence and Resources Industries (WiDRI)
The WiDRI program is a joint initiative of the Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) and the Resources and Engineering Skills Alliance (RESA).
The objective of the WiDRI program is to support the roles and responsibilities of women as directors and managers, coaches, mentors and industry advocates within these two industries. The program aims to attract and retain more women in leadership roles within these industries and play a key role in influencing young women to take up Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects at school.
About WiDRI
The Women influencing Defence and Resources Industries (WiDRI)  program was developed to bring about collaboration and support for women currently employed within the defence and resources industries.  The impetus for such a program comes from existing Women in Defence Industry and Women in Resources SA groups.  As established groups, with a range of women from various occupations operating at varied professional levels, the recognition that support for development of participating women has been identified. 
This WiDRI program supports workforce retention, career development and progression, supportive professional networking, sharing experiences and coaching/mentoring other women to showcase these sectors as a career opportunity.  The program aims to support the roles and responsibilities of women as directors and managers, coaches and mentors and industry advocates.
This Project is funded through the Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology, Industry Partnership Program, which is an initiative of the Government of South Australia.
Community of Practice Methodology
The WiDRI program will be facilitated through an innovative format using a Community of Practice (CoP) methodology that focuses on the development of a domain of knowledge, building practice and developing a sense of community and connections. The WiDRI CoP will provide opportunities for women over the course of the 8 month program, to participate in leadership and mentoring workshops and networking activities, and as a result will gain a wealth of business tools and industry information.
Thought Leadership Groups
Developing the WiDRI community requires participants to become Thought Leaders to deepen the groups understanding, knowledge, experience and ideas regarding topics and engaging issues for the group. Community coordinators and Thought Leaders are key to community success. Thought
Leaders are defining cutting edge issues in the domain, or are well seasoned and well respected practitioners.
Group Artefacts
Artefacts are in the process of being developed by the Thought Leadership groups that will provide tangible tools and outcomes for the WiDRI program.
WiDRI Toolkit
Previous Events
The following events have been held as part of the WiDRI program:
Wednesday 13th April WiDRI Launch and Community of Practice One Download CoP 1 Notes
Thursday 19th May WiDRI Community of Practice Two Download CoP 2 Background Info
Download CoP 2 Notes
Thursday 23rd June WiDRI Media Training outcomes
Friday 24th June WiDRI Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training outcomes
Thursday 7th July WiDRI Community of Practice Three Download CoP 3 Background Info
Download CoP 3 Notes
Wednesday 27th July - Friday 29th July WiDRI Australian Institute of Company Directors Training Download Training Outline
Wednesday 17th August WiDRI Community of Practice Four
WiDRI Techport Tour
August / September WiDRI Coaching and Mentoring Training  
Upcoming Events
Information on future events will be posted here once available.
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