Membership Information

The DTC provides services to meet members' needs and ensures the retention of a large and diverse membership base.
Industry Collaboration - To assist members to develop business relationships, the DTC conducts a number of networking events and business to business matching throughout the year, which attracts key decision makers and players in the defence industry and related sectors. These events include:

  • Industry briefings and networking events
  • Defence leaders breakfasts and lunches
  • An annual dinner that includes industry awards
  • Member hosted boardroom lunches

Marketing and Communications - Members can promote their capabilities through the quarterly Defence Business publication and on the DTC website. This provides members with a marketing and branding mechanism within defence and related industries. The DTC also provides significant support to members attending and participating in defence and related tradeshows and constantly monitors the national and international defence and related industry sectors. The market intelligence gathered through these activities is provided to members through regular updates and periodic sector briefings to enhance their situational awareness and provide them with insights on developments and opportunities in the marketplace. This includes regular Industry News and Opportunity Updates.
The DTC represents and advocates for the sustainment of defence & related industry capabilities.
Political Engagement & Public Advocacy - The DTC advocates on behalf of members to Federal and State Governments and other national and international industry representatives. The DTC represents industry views, policy input and key industry feedback to key stakeholders and media outlets to provide members with a voice that allows them to express their perspectives on developments in the defence and related industry sectors.

The DTC assists its members to develop and sustain their capabilities in order to enhance their opportunities and improve their competitiveness in the defence and related industry sectors.
Enterprise Development – The DTC co-hosts and or facilitates workshops and activities that assist members to enhance their business and identify opportunities for members to access grants and financial assistance.
Industry Leadership – The DTC drives the South Australian Defence Industry Leadership Program, a premier course for emerging defence industry leaders, backed by key industry leaders.
Clustering Initiatives – The DTC facilitates and supports the development and ongoing management of industry clusters, with the aim of maximising opportunities and collaborating to be competitive in the global supply chain.
The rapid growth in the Defence sector over the coming decade will require Australia’s defence industry to accelerate the expansion and potential of its workforce.   The DTC will support industry by ensuring workforce issues across the full spectrum of the defence industry are represented accurately to enable a coordinated and systematic response.
At the Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) we are committed to safeguarding your privacy by ensuring any personal information gathered is only accessible by the DTC and its members.

Personal information that may be collected and retained may include name, address, email and capability profile. The information you provide to us is used to fulfill your request and provide you with DTC services and events. By requesting a DTC service such as membership, you consent to the collection and use of your contact information which may be accessed by other DTC members (excluding credit card details) via the member only section of the DTC website for the purpose of marketing and communication. If you do not want your information disclosed on the DTC website or to other DTC members please inform the DTC in writing.
Credit card information collected in the case of an event or workshop registration or membership purchase will not be retained by the DTC or disclosed to any other party.

The use of the DTC member logo is permitted to current DTC members in accordance with the DTC Style Guide and use of the logo must be approved by the DTC. The DTC member logo must be removed when membership becomes inactive. 



Membership and Category Fees

Category Number of Employees Membership Fee
1  1 - 5  $945 pa
2 6 - 15  $1,445 pa
3 16 - 25   $1,965 pa
4 26 - 50 $3,060 pa 
5  51 - 100  $3,310 pa
6  101 - 200 $4,255 pa 
7 201+   $6,195 pa

Member Testimonials

"The DTC has been a great help to us, in terms of strategic advice over ways to assist SMEs become defence-ready, and in providing direct support and focused information."

Ivan Donjerkovich
IKAD Engineering

"The DTC team are committed to the requirements of their members."

Fred Hull
Axiom Precision Manufacturing

"Before I joined the DTC I had a very small network. Now my network has gone from a few dozen people to a few hundred people. I’ve had the opportunity to meet key influencers through the DTC, which has opened so many doors for me, many of which wouldn’t have been opened without the DTC."

Simon Kennedy
Smart Fabrication