DSD Defence & STEM Honours Scholarship and Internship Programs

The Department of State Development have partnered with the Defence Teaming Centre and the Playford Memorial Trust for the Defence Honours Scholarship Program and the Defence and STEM Internship Program. These programs provide an excellent opportunity for companies to work directly with students and explore innovative ideas by engaging young minds in new thinking through exciting research.

Students are also able to enhance their future career and employability prospects by working on real-world tasks with some of the State’s most advanced technology companies.

Up to 10 internships and 10 Honours scholarships are available from 2017/18 to support students to engage with companies, and develop industry related Honours projects as part of their university studies respectively. Companies who take part are also eligible for payment under both Programs.

The 2017/2018 Defence and STEM Internship program will fund work placements between 12 and 20 weeks. Internships will be awarded to attract high-achieving and promising students who are genuinely interested in a career within the defence companies and industries reliant on STEM skills.

The Defence Honours Scholarship Program is currently open for student applications. Students must contact their universities for further information on how to apply.