What is SADILP?

SADILP is a targeted, action based professional development program over eight months. It combines:

  •     Facilitated learning workshops
  •     Cutting edge presentations from senior defence/industry specialists
  •     Site visits to key infrastructure
  •     Challenging physical and intellectual activity and assignments
  •     Access and opportunity to build genuine and relevant industry relationships.

Who is SADILP for?

  • Business owners throughout industry
  • Division or department leaders
  • Business development or frontline managers
  • Emerging leaders.

What are the benefits of SADILP?

One of the significant benefits of the SADILP is the industry-wide participation, which brings a diverse range of individuals together who work at various levels within their organisations from across Defence and other 'connected' industry sectors.  Participants unanimously attributed the broad industry base as being of exceptional value in terms of personal learning, development and relationship building, including those who had previously undertaken in-house leadership programs.

How can you get involved in the SADILP 2018?

For enquiries, please contact Margie Rossi on margie.rossi@dtc.org.au or Program Manager Gordon Edwards on 0438 936 665.


Cost of SADILP?

The cost of the program is $11,000, and currently attracts a Government subsidy of $5000 through the South Australian Department of State Development (DSD). This subsidy is based on participants undertaking a Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Management Accreditation. 

How is SADILP funded?

The SADILP was born out of the Defence Industry Workforce Action Plan (DIWAP) consultation process. Through strategic planning and consultation with key industry executives, the need for a state level leadership program was identified. his has again been highlighted through a review of this process to develop a Defence Industry South Australia – Workforce Strategy, originally funded through the South Australian Government Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology (DFEEST).

The program offers an accreditation pathway to an AQTF Advanced Diploma of Management Qualification. This is designed to support major structural reform within industry in Australia and the on-going career progression of individuals who participate in the program.

Participants are required to complete carefully conceived and comprehensive Concept Papers that not only validate learning throughout the program, but also contribute to the ongoing development of the State’s future defence and wider industry intellectual infrastructure. Respected sector representatives advise participants on concepts for presentation to a senior Government and industry panel at the close of the program.

Why was SADILP developed?

Chief Executives from defence industry reached a consensus that a succession plan for current leaders was required to capture and disseminate the extensive knowledge held within the industry. Defence Teaming Centre member companies also identified a clear need to have a process that would assist them in overcoming barriers to contracting within Defence and broader sectors. SADILP equips emerging leaders with the necessary skills in communication and negotiation to do so.

Since the launch of SADILP in 2010, the program has continued to evolve with strategic partnerships formed and an active alumni engagement. The program is now embedded within the training fixtures for many defence industry companies and has started to extend its reach beyond the Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) membership, enabling greater diversity of engagement from other SA industry sectors associated with Defence and Manufacturing. SADILP's success is attributed to this depth and breadth of industry engagement, with key industry representation on each program. The wealth of knowledge and experience that is shared contributes to the unique learning and development offered by the SADILP.


"It didn’t feel like you were attending a class which demanded & expected output, rather I found it made me think about values, expectations, methods & tools that are available. In particular the monthly sessions allowed me to take this info away & put some of it into practice"

"I have a much better understanding of defence industry and have found this new knowledge to be very useful. The program has helped me to mature as a leader and a coach and has renewed my confidence in this area"

 “SADILP has provided me with an outstanding opportunity to meet other industry leaders from South Australia and develop a long lasting professional based network"

“…as a Review Panel member I found the quality of the Concept Paper presentations impressive. The participants on this program have clearly worked hard to achieve good results. They have also clearly enjoyed the unique learning process provided by this important initiative”

"…it absolutely exceeded my expectations, I was expecting another death by PowerPoint or textbook management training session, and it was not like that at all, which was great. The wealth of knowledge and interaction within the Group, facilitators, guest speakers and through the field trips was just great"

"…the Program facilitated my ability to view events from a more strategic perspective and enabled me to continue to quietly influence others both on the Program and in my workplace"

Download SADILP Concept Papers

SADILP 2016 coming soon!


Group 1: Optimising Workforce Development

Group 2: Optimising Defence Procurement

Group 3: First Principles Review

Group 4: Industry Diversity: Nuclear Fuel Cycle Opportunities for Defence Industry

Group 5: Technology and Engaging Military Personnel


Group 1: Addressing the Performance of Defence & Industry

Group 2: Preservation & Sustainment of a Indigenous Defence Industry

Group 3: What types of innovation could be deployed to help improve the defence sector's productivity? 

Group 4: Can Defence industry contribute to the development of a sustainable automotive industry in South Australia?

Group 5: How effective and important are our State's efforts in support of STEM?


Group 1: A Nuclear Future for South Australia

Group 2: Reducing the 'Valley of Death'

Group 3: How can industry play a part in contemporary returning veterans rehabilitation?

Group 4: Enhancing Defence industry's influence with Government

Group 5: Impact on Cyber Security on SA's Defence industry


Group 1: The Global Supply Chain Concept - A South Australian Small Medium Enterprise Perspective

Group 2: Skilling South Australia's Defence Work Force

Group 3: A Sustainable Leadership Model for the South Australian Defence Industry

Group 4: "The Hidden Part of the Iceberg"

Group 5: The Future Submarine Project


Group 1: Implications to Industry in relation to COTS, MOTS and Indigenous Development

Group 2: SME's and the Export Market

Group 3: Skills & Workforce Development

Group 4: State Government Support for South Australian Defence Industry: An Industry Perspective

Group 5: What is Defence Industry Leadership?


Group 1: Workforce Development & Political & Commercial Imperatives

Group 2: A pathway that maximises the invovlevement and return for SME's in SA from Future Shipbuilding Projects including New Submarine

Group 3: Successful and profitable acquisition programs rely on an effective Defence Industry Policy

Group 4: A Joint and Combined Military Training Capabililty in SA

Group 5: Teaming provides increasing opportunity for local and international supply chain endeavours for SA's Defence Sector