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Posted by Defence Teaming Centre on

In response to the release of the Surface Combatant Fleet Review, the Defence Teaming Centre welcomes the Federal government's decision to re-commit in South Australia’s continuous shipbuilding program.

“The release of the Surface Combatant Fleet review provides a critical foundation for South Australia’s defence industry to build upon. Libby Day, CEO of the DTC said. “ Our members have long demonstrated their capability to deliver world-class vessels, and this decision confirms the government's confidence in our ability to meet Australia's Defence needs.

"The retention of our skilled workforce is vitally important and provides opportunities for innovation and technological advancement that will extend beyond the shipyard. This decision will create a ripple effect, stimulating job creation, fostering supply chain resilience, and bring back industries confidence in working in the defence sector.

“The biggest risk to this plan is workforce. Like many other sectors, defence industry is facing a skilled workforce shortage and a lot needs to be done to make sure we have the skills required to ensure we get these ships in the water on time.

“Much is already being done, with more to be done to bolster the vitally needed skills to upskill our current workforce and future workforce: be that trades or STEM based vocations. The DTC is currently working with both the Federal and SA governments to build the skills and competencies required for the programs such as the Hunter class and AUKUS submarines.

"This is a critical sector to both Australia’s economy and to the security of our nation and the DTC is looking forward to confirming that the Australian Industrial Capability Plans supports the revised 6 Hunter Class vessels and that contracts are put in place for the total 6 ships efficiently so that industry confidence is not eroded.

"With the continuous shipbuilding program taking us into 2050, South Australia stands as The Defence State, where individuals can forge long-term fulfilling careers in shipbuilding."

Surface Combatant Fleet Review can be found here

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