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Connecting companies in defence industry to help secure Defence opportunities

Our mission is to grow and scale Australia's defence industry sector.

The Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) serves as a hub for fostering collaboration within the defence supply chain and support sector, bringing together Prime Defence Contractors, SMEs, Professional Service Providers, and Academic Institutions. Dedicated to supporting Australia's defence industry, the DTC aids its members in cultivating robust, competitive, and collaborative business partnerships.

With a track record of extensive experience in connecting companies, the DTC excels in linking companies on both national and international scales, facilitating opportunities that lead to successful outcomes for all parties. Given Australia's defence industry landscape consists of around 3000 SMEs, the DTC focuses on bridging connections between smaller businesses and Prime Defence contractors.

DTC is also the connection between SMEs and the following Industry representative bodies and initiatives:

Office of Defence Industry Support (ODIS)

The DTC works collaboratively with the ODIS to disseminate important Defence industry policy information, events and updates to Australian industry through our membership and Australian defence industry networks, website and social media channels.

We continually review the development needs of defence industry and communicate these to the ODIS. This informs the timely delivery of training programs such as ITAR training, value proposition and cyber training programs.

In assessing the requirements of members, our Industry Development staff can advise them of the most appropriate ODIS service offerings. This allows for the potential streamlining of the application process for ODIS services.

Leveraging from the services provided by the ODIS, the DTC also works with industry to establish collaborative contracting arrangements and commercial connections, without compromising Commonwealth probity provisions.

Australian Industry Capability

The Australian Industry Capability Policy represents a significant opportunity for greater involvement of the Australian SME community in Defence supply chain opportunities. The policy facilitates the incorporation of Australian Research and Development, innovation and capability into major programs; thus enabling the establishment of an Australian sovereign industrial capability for Defence.

The DTC is able to educate and train overseas industry on compliance with AIC Policy and establishing an AIC Strategy at the commencement of a bid. We also work with overseas OEMs and defence primes, sourcing Australian industrial capability, to inform future bids and proposals through independent market research and national industry briefings.

Through our affiliation with industry associations across Australia and New Zealand, DTC can ensure a consistent standardised approach is achieved in each location, whilst maximising our reach to Australian and New Zealand industry.

Defence Industry Security Program (DISP)

The Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) is a risk mitigation and assurance program maintaining the integrity of Australia’s Defence capability by ensuring Defence Industry maintains its security responsibilities and safeguards the supply chain.

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