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The DTC Innovation Award recognises members who have designed an innovative product or service which addresses a Defence capability gap or enhances Defence capability. Products can be tangible or intangible and can include manufactured goods, equipment, professional services or programs.

The category includes domestic defence or export defence markets.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The nominee must be a financial DTC member. Non-members may submit a nomination on behalf of a DTC member,
  • The product or service that the award applies must be ongoing in this current year or have been completed within the past 3 years; and
  • Must have resulted in a commercial outcome and cannot be an arrangement currently bidding.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Has innovated and introduced new products or services into the Defence market in the last three years,
  • The innovation is superior to similar products from competitors/ has provided value to Defence/ Defence industry; and
  • Company has demonstrated growth in their turnover in the Defence market based on the innovated products or services.

Nomination Form